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Many businesses often cite people as their most valuable asset although they rarely measure their financial value. Business protection helps safeguard the business to ensure it can continue to operate in the event of the death or serious illness of a shareholder, partner or key employee.

We work closely with our selected business partners to create bespoke packages to meet the needs of our corporate clients and reduce potential financial risks. We also offer advice on business loan cover, as it is vital that a business can repay any Director’s or Partner’s loan accounts should the worst happen. This type of advice can potentially be tax efficient to a business.

  • Key Man Insurance
    Do you have someone in your business that you would miss and your business value would potentially decrease if they were off long term sick or even worse died? Protecting your valuable asset protects your income and your business.
  • Shareholder / Partnership protection
    How would the loss of a major shareholder or partner affect the long term plan for your business? Would you want the shares or responsibilities held by that person to be passed within that person’s estate to someone without the knowledge of your business?
  • Business loan / debt cover
    Do you or your business have sufficient funds to repay any business liabilities so as to ensure your estate does not become liable or the business needs to close down in the event of your long term sickness or death?

If you cannot answer these questions positively then allow FA Protect to advise you to find the right answers by starting your journey today.

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