What is a Letter of Authority?

Letters of Authority are needed to provide our Retirement Planning and Pension Review Service. In this section we answer some frequently asked questions.

1. What is a Letter of Authority (LOA)?


An LOA is a letter signed by you that is sent to your Pension Provider to allow FA Protect the authority to obtain requested information about your pensions.

2. What type of information is requested?


We request details on the type of pension contact you hold and the associated values, charges and fund selection. In addition we also request information on the amount of Tax Free Cash you may be entitled to together with any guarantees or enhancements that your current plan(s) may contain.    Following the Pension Freedom Rules that came into force in April 2015, we also establish the flexibility of your current contract(s) to establish whether or not they allow you to take advantage of the new rules. We also request projections from current provider to a selected retirement age and this enables us to undertake a cost comparison on your behalf.

3. How long does it take for all the information to be received?


Depending on response time of your current provider, there can be delays of up to 6 weeks to obtain all the relevant information. We work with the providers to ensure the information is received in a timely fashion.

4. Why is an LOA needed to provide Retirement Planning advice?


We cannot review your pension provision until we have fully appraised your current plan(s) and the LOA is required to enable to us to obtain this information.

5. What happens after the information is received?


Once all the information is received from your existing providers one of our qualified advisers will analyse and review the details, undertake the cost comparison and formulate personalised recommendations based on your current circumstances, future objectives, Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss.

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